Sorting Rental Applicants with a Tenant Credit Check

Free Tenant Screening ReportThere is nothing worse for a landlord than to have a nightmare tenant who not only trashed out the property, but also doesn’t pay the rent. Fortunately, the good news is  that this is preventable in most cases.  It is alarming that so many property owners and landlords completely fail in the process of checking out their potential tenants. Courts across the USA are filled with unlawful detainer cases and landlord/tenant disputes.   Somehow, landlords believe that either hiring a tenant screening service is too expensive, or they try to save money buy ordering a low quality tenant background check that does not provide comprehensive coverage for national data that is updated with current information.

What is the secret sauce that landlord’s and professional property managers use?

Background Check with Full Credit Report

Combine an extensive background search with a credit report to get the facts you need to properly analyze your applicants.

The answer lies in what most amateur landlords are not doing:the best tenant screening that includes national data background searches in an online background check for all criminal records (including federal civil and criminal cases), court money judgments, eviction filings, bankruptcies, and numerous other data from the potential renter’s past.   It is also imperative to run a tenant credit check within the tenant background screening. Quality renter background checks found at will provide you with a very good overview on your applicant’s past. This profile will make it possible for you to make informed decisions rather than feeling like you are sitting in the dark.  Guessing about your rental applicant’s history can be a very hazardous practice that could be very dangerous to your financial health.  I have used this company for many years and I highly recommend using their services to receive the most current and detailed information about the renter applicants who are notorious for trying to hide their ugly history of judgments, evictions, and criminal history.  And if it is not that, it is very often a credit report filed with a zillion collection accounts and delinquencies.

It Sounds Too Good to Be True, but You Can Screen Tenants for Free Using a Top Notch Background Check company.

The great news is that if you are the property manager, you don’t have to pay to get the best renter screening services.  Simply charge your applicants a fee to run the tenant background report.  Be sure to order the tenant screening report which covers the full credit history and it gives you a FICO score.